Tuesday, 24 May 2011

FaceBook Fun

How to make the facebook experience a little bit more fun....

1) emoticons
2) Ascii sybols
3) text generators

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Meaning of 'goofing'

What does goofing or goofing off mean?

Goofing off is a slang term in the United States for engaging in recreation or an idle pastime while obligations of work or society are neglected. Common obligations neglected in the course of goofing off include schoolwork, paid employment, social courtesies and the expectations of relations. Goofing off at school is considered to be a regular behaviour, which is engaged in by all students at one time or another.

When goofing off occurs within the classroom, teachers can resolve the matter quickly by corporal punishment.Employers may use wage premiums to discourage goofing off by their employees, although it is suggested that the effects of such incentives causes aging to have a negative effect upon earnings sooner than would be otherwise expected.Goofing off has been shown to improve work or study in the right environments, and can relieve stress. It may be a form of creativity and experimentation, providing useful learning experiences and discoveries.

Some research has indicated that women tend to feel more guilt than men about taking time for themselves and so use breaks to become more organized.

Perhaps the most famous example of goofing off is the tale reported by Suetonius of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Although commonly retold, it is untrue.

full meaning on wikipedia, see more goo words.

Monday, 9 May 2011

TOP UK Business Directories

Getting listed in business directories is a great way to let the search engines know exactly where you are and what you do.All of these directories are hosted in the UK, have search engine friendly category structures and provide direct links that can help you with your search engine optimisation efforts.

Here is our top UK Business Directories:

#1 FreeIndex
Detailed local business information with reviews, photos, videos and more
Post a Quote Request and get up to 5 quotes within as little as 1 hour!
Create your free business profile to generate traffic and gain new customers.

#2 GooMad Business Directory
The Goomad Business Directory is a fairly new and was launched in 2010. The directory is easy to use, well organised and really well optimised. You can exchange links by linking your website and get a great backlink in return. You can get a listing in the directory for free, simply click on the create account and follow instructions.

#3 UK Small Business Directory
The directory is well organised and really well optimised, if you search for a directory in just about any county on Google you will see the directory on the 1st page. You can get a listing in the directory for free, simply click on the register details page and follow instructions.

#4 Biz-Dir Business Directory
Biz-Dir Business Directory was launched in 2006, The directory covers most of the popular online business related categories so there is probably going to be somewhere relevant for you to submit your site to. Simply navigate to the correct category and hit the submit button to get started.

#5 MySheriff Directory
MySheriff is a Free Business Directory offering Free Advertising to all businesses in the UK. Advertise free in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands with MySheriff Free Business Directory.

#6 The Internet Business Directory
The Internet Business Directory is a great directory, the categories are organised by topic, country and county and every website gets a good 3 or 4 listings, for instance this site is listed in internet services UK, England and Lancashire. Submitting to the directory is easy, click on the relevant category, navigate to your county and then click the submit button.

#7 Now 2 Business
Now 2 Business is the oldest of the 5 and has been around ever since 2001, it has everything I look for in a directory, age, strict guidelines and good rankings. If I have a client who sells office supplies and I can get them listed on a page that ranks high for office supplies directory, then of course I am going to do it. There are a number of inclusion options. free, reciprocal and express listings are available, click on the free submission page to get started.

#8 B2B Index
B2B Index has a good category structure and ranks great in the search engines for some really competitive phrases such as business to business and business directory, it's not even that far off for some of the category names such as web design. You have to link back from one of your web pages to get a listing, navigate to the right category and click the add site button to get started.

TOP 10 UK Business Directories