Monday, 17 October 2011

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

like 4 like FaceBook

Facebook Group's to help you promote your facebook pages :

Like4Like FaceBook
Like4Like - likes for your FaceBook page.

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Love the Goo


Before a caterpillar can become a butterfly, it must become goo. Yes, goo.

Within the cocoon, the form of the caterpillar totally dissolves into a liquid that is rich with nutrients and potential. It’s super goo.

From goo, the butterfly is formed.
Aside from the goo there are, what is called, imaginal cells. These cells contain the image, the genetic template, of the butterfly. The goo feeds these imaginal cells. And as the goo is digested, it transforms into a butterfly.

All transformations include this gooey phase.
Whether that transformation is individual or collective, goo is part of it. Whether you’re seeking transformation or it’s seeking you – you’ve gotta get comfortable with the goo.

Let’s get personal – you can’t skip the goo.
There’s no skipping steps on the developmental journey. Every phase of the process has its purpose. And that purpose must be completed before you can move on. You can’t leap from newbie to expert in a single bound. There’s sequence that you must follow. And an organic process that moves according to developmental time.

The cadence of developmental time contrasts sharply with the pace of contemporary life.
We live in a nano-second culture where most of us are what author Sue Monk Kidd terms “quick-aholics.” We’re addicted to the instant response. The goo phase can’t be rushed. And it will dissolve the addiction to speed along with everything else.

How can you tell if you’re in the goo?
You know you’re in deeply into the goo when the old form has completely dissolved – but the new form has not yet emerged.

Let’s make this practical, shall we?
Think about your life. And specifically an area in your life where the old “form” is dissolving away? It may be that your business is turning into goo. Or if not the business itself, your motivation and engagement.

Here are some common areas of life where people get goo-ified (check all that apply to your life):

Identity – I can’t go on being the person I have been, but I’m not sure who I’m becoming.
Business – The business is changing – but I’m not sure into what? Is it dying or being reborn? I can’t tell.
Role in the organization – My old role and my old skills no longer work. But, I’m not sure what I need to do next or how to continue to add value?
Relationship – Our old ways of being together no longer make sense. But, how can I be in this relationship, when I don’t even know what it is anymore?
Motivation – The needs and values that used to drive me don’t anymore. I’m not sure what matters or how to even re-connect to a sense of passion and purpose.
Beliefs – I’ve outgrown my former beliefs. But, now I’m not sure what I believe. I can’t go back. But, I’m not sure how to go forward.
Only by letting go of the old forms can you make space for something new to be born.
In spiritual literature the goo is called the dark night of the soul.

When you’re navigating through goo, your old ways of staying on track no longer work. It’s like you’re adrift in an inner sea without stars overhead to guide you. All you can do is let go. It’s time to be a mystic.

Goo is the natural habitat of the mystic.
So, when some area of your life is goo-ifying – you’re being called to be a mystic. Here’s what this means:

As mystic, you let go of the known and the past.You trust in the darkness recognizing that “those who dwell in darkness shall see the light.”

You allow the old structure of identity to dissolve into formless goo.
It doesn’t matter whether you used to believe I-am-a-success or I-am-a-failure. Whatever the form your identity used to take – it’s over. And, as a mystic you consent to having it become goo in full recognition that to hold yourself together now is tantamount to fighting against your own destiny.

The way forward comes through letting go and surrender.
To enter into total goo-hood you shed the layer upon layer of thoughts, beliefs. These layers have insulated you and comforted you. Now is the time to discard all coverings.

Now is not the time for action but for stillness.
As you let go and release your old identity the stillness deepens. When you rest completely in the goo – without clinging to the past or straining towards the future – the template, the image of that which is to be becomes active.

If you’re longing to fly, to deepen your life, to expand your horizon of awareness – embrace the goo.

read more on wisdomheart.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Its What We Goo

Domino's Pizza has obviously got goo on the brain with their new marketing commercial for 2011, watch the ad and you will see what we mean.  Pizza anyone?

"goo made to order"
"goo secrets"
"goo tough"
"goo pimp your ride"
"goo it all, in good time"
"goo make new friends"
"goo sleep overs"
"goo cozy nights in"
"goo crazy days out"
"goo come to the rescue"
"goo love what you do"
"goo deliver"
Goomad - its what we goo!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

FaceBook Fun

How to make the facebook experience a little bit more fun....

1) emoticons
2) Ascii sybols
3) text generators

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Meaning of 'goofing'

What does goofing or goofing off mean?

Goofing off is a slang term in the United States for engaging in recreation or an idle pastime while obligations of work or society are neglected. Common obligations neglected in the course of goofing off include schoolwork, paid employment, social courtesies and the expectations of relations. Goofing off at school is considered to be a regular behaviour, which is engaged in by all students at one time or another.

When goofing off occurs within the classroom, teachers can resolve the matter quickly by corporal punishment.Employers may use wage premiums to discourage goofing off by their employees, although it is suggested that the effects of such incentives causes aging to have a negative effect upon earnings sooner than would be otherwise expected.Goofing off has been shown to improve work or study in the right environments, and can relieve stress. It may be a form of creativity and experimentation, providing useful learning experiences and discoveries.

Some research has indicated that women tend to feel more guilt than men about taking time for themselves and so use breaks to become more organized.

Perhaps the most famous example of goofing off is the tale reported by Suetonius of Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Although commonly retold, it is untrue.

full meaning on wikipedia, see more goo words.

Monday, 9 May 2011

TOP UK Business Directories

Getting listed in business directories is a great way to let the search engines know exactly where you are and what you do.All of these directories are hosted in the UK, have search engine friendly category structures and provide direct links that can help you with your search engine optimisation efforts.

Here is our top UK Business Directories:

#1 FreeIndex
Detailed local business information with reviews, photos, videos and more
Post a Quote Request and get up to 5 quotes within as little as 1 hour!
Create your free business profile to generate traffic and gain new customers.

#2 GooMad Business Directory
The Goomad Business Directory is a fairly new and was launched in 2010. The directory is easy to use, well organised and really well optimised. You can exchange links by linking your website and get a great backlink in return. You can get a listing in the directory for free, simply click on the create account and follow instructions.

#3 UK Small Business Directory
The directory is well organised and really well optimised, if you search for a directory in just about any county on Google you will see the directory on the 1st page. You can get a listing in the directory for free, simply click on the register details page and follow instructions.

#4 Biz-Dir Business Directory
Biz-Dir Business Directory was launched in 2006, The directory covers most of the popular online business related categories so there is probably going to be somewhere relevant for you to submit your site to. Simply navigate to the correct category and hit the submit button to get started.

#5 MySheriff Directory
MySheriff is a Free Business Directory offering Free Advertising to all businesses in the UK. Advertise free in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands with MySheriff Free Business Directory.

#6 The Internet Business Directory
The Internet Business Directory is a great directory, the categories are organised by topic, country and county and every website gets a good 3 or 4 listings, for instance this site is listed in internet services UK, England and Lancashire. Submitting to the directory is easy, click on the relevant category, navigate to your county and then click the submit button.

#7 Now 2 Business
Now 2 Business is the oldest of the 5 and has been around ever since 2001, it has everything I look for in a directory, age, strict guidelines and good rankings. If I have a client who sells office supplies and I can get them listed on a page that ranks high for office supplies directory, then of course I am going to do it. There are a number of inclusion options. free, reciprocal and express listings are available, click on the free submission page to get started.

#8 B2B Index
B2B Index has a good category structure and ranks great in the search engines for some really competitive phrases such as business to business and business directory, it's not even that far off for some of the category names such as web design. You have to link back from one of your web pages to get a listing, navigate to the right category and click the add site button to get started.

TOP 10 UK Business Directories

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Meaning of 'goo'

What does goo mean?

Grey goo (alternatively spelled gray goo) is a hypothetical end-of-the-world scenario involving molecular nanotechnology in which out-of-control self-replicating robots consume all matter on Earth while building more of themselves, a scenario known as ecophagy ("eating the environment").

Self-replicating machines of the macroscopic variety were originally described by mathematician John von Neumann, and are sometimes referred to as von Neumann machines. The term grey goo was coined by nanotechnology pioneer Eric Drexler in his 1986 book Engines of Creation, stating that "we cannot afford certain types of accidents." In 2004 he stated "I wish I had never used the term 'grey goo'."

say hello to my little friend mr Goo?

full meaning on wikipedia, see more goo words.

Meaning of 'goonies'

What does goonies mean?

The Goonies is a 1985 American adventure-comedy film directed by Richard Donner. The screenplay was written by Chris Columbus from a story by executive producer Steven Spielberg. A band of children from the "Goon Docks" neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon, hoping to save their homes from demolition, go on an adventure to find the buried treasure of One-Eyed Willie, a legendary 17th-century pirate.

full meaning on wikipedia, see more goo words.

Meaning of 'goodies'

What does goodies mean?

The Goodies is a British television comedy series of the 1970s and early 1980s. The series, which combines surreal sketches and situation comedy, was broadcast by BBC 2 from 1970 until 1980 — and was then broadcast by the ITV company LWT for a year, between 1981 to 1982.

The show was co-written by and starred Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie (together known as "The Goodies"). Bill Oddie also wrote the music and songs for the series — while "The Goodies Theme" was co-written by Bill Oddie and Michael Gibbs. The directors/producers of the series were John Howard Davies, Jim Franklin and Bob Spiers.

An early title which was considered for the series was Narrow Your Mind (following on from Broaden Your Mind) and prior to that the working title was Super Chaps Three.

full meaning on wikipedia, see more goo words.

Meaning of 'gobbledegook'

What does gobbledegook mean?

Gobbledygook or gobbledegook (sometimes gobbledegoo) is any text containing jargon or especially convoluted English that results in it being excessively hard to understand or even incomprehensible. "Bureaucratese" is one form of gobbledygook.

full meaning on wikipedia, see more goo words.

Goo Words

A list of words containing 'goo'.....

burgoo, burgoos, dragoon, dragooned, dragooning, dragoons, gobbledegook, gobbledegooks, gobbledygook, gobbledygooks, goo, goober, goobers, good, goodby, goodbye, goodbyes, goodbys, goodie, goodies, goodish, goodlier, goodliest, goodly, goomad, goodman, goodmen, goodness, goodnesses, goods, goodwife, goodwill, goodwilled, goodwills, goodwives, goody, gooey, gooeyness, gooeynesses, goof, goofball, goofballs, goofed, goofier, goofiest, goofily, goofiness, goofinesses, goofing, goofs, goofy, googlies, googly, googol, googolplex, googolplexes, googols, gooier, gooiest, gook, gooks, gooky, goombah, goombahs, goombay, goombays, goon, gooney, gooneys, goonie, goonies, goons, goony, goop, goopier, goopiest, goops, goopy, gooral, goorals, goos, goosander, goosanders, goose, gooseberries, gooseberry, goosed, goosefish, goosefishes, gooseflesh, goosefleshes, goosefoot, goosefoots, goosegrass, goosegrasses, gooseneck, goosenecked, goosenecks, gooses, goosey, goosier, goosiest, goosing, goosy, jargoon, jargoons, lagoon, lagoonal, lagoons, mongoose, mongooses, mungoose, mungooses, scattergood, scattergoods, supergood

can you think of any more....

Monday, 4 April 2011

Goomad - Whats the Point?

You may be wondering whats the point of the goomad business directory?  Well its the ideal starting point if you own a business and have no web presence.  Most of your potential customers will be searching for companies in their local area on the internet as the first port of call to see if the business meets their requirements or if anyone has written any comments.  At goomad we offer this marketing tool for free with our business directory, anyone can create an account and get seen on the web.  The site also has a review feature offering the chance for customers to write their experience and boost your business further.

If you dont have a website or any contact details on the internet you may lose out to a competitor who does, so dont waste another minute and go register your account today.  Its simple and free!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Goomad Gets International Support

Well Im pleased to announce that according to Youtube sources we can confirm we now have Japan onboard with the Goomad programme. Showing their support by stripping to their underwear and running through the city repeatedly chanting "goo", now thats commitment.

Slightly strange though as goomad has only so far been launched in the UK?!  Good news must travel fast.  We will endeavour to liaise with the UN to discuss future rollouts across the globe in order to avoid economic unrest abroad.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Insert Caption Here...

Here is a mad photograph taken in London recently by my good friend Pawel Krol  as he watched some guy with a new pair of shoes abandon the old ones in the street, it is begging for a 'madcap-tion' to be added.  This is your chance to show off your wit by writing something funny or crazy in the comments box below.  Nothing offensive or abusive though please.  To get the ball rolling heres our madness...

"the invisible man visits Britain in winter"

Add your comments or caption in the box below.  The maddest one gets a long stop vacation courtesy of Peckham Mental Hospital and for a limited perioud - free straight jacket and padded wallpaper for every guest!...just joking.  Go Mad with Goomad.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Meaning of 'goomad'

According to resources on the internet the word 'goomad' translates from Italian for mistress also referred to as 'goomah'.  The definition is:

The popularity of this word stems from The Sopranos, an HBO TV show about the New Jersey mafia. Goo-mah is another way to say "mistress". Since this has been spelt phonetically, you should also expect the word to be spelt "goo-ma". Even though The Sopranos is an show about the Italian New Jersey mob, the word Goo-mah is of Chinese origin, where in the Cantonese dialect it means "auntie".

We prefer to think the meaning of 'goomad' is:

The best free internet business directory on the web offering business to business services and personal free advertisement.  Goomad is another way to say business resource.

Using our version of the word you will get the opportunity to increase business and traffic to your website - and your wife wont mind.

full meaning on Urban Dictionary, see more goo words.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Goomad vs Cadbury

We should get sponsored by Cadbury with their Creme Egg advertising campaign!  'Goo' mad!  But anyway heres our favorite advertisement, enjoy:

(were not actually affiliated with Creme Egg or Cadbury)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Goomad day 5

Were now into our 5th day online with Goomad and already have had more than 250 visitors to the site.  Users are begining to take advantage of the free goo shopping and adverts are starting to pop up in new sections each day.  If you have something you want to sell go on the site and register an account.

Were keen to promote our business directory and are encouraging users to create a business profile when registering an account.  If you have a business no matter how small why not sign up with an account and get free exposure.  Were interested in all types of businesses from plumbers and electricians to accountants and legal advisers.  We will also be promoting the aspects of using the site for marketing new businesses to 'start-up' companies who provide advice and assistance to fledgeling companies.  Remember, the goo directory is free to register an account, so with just a few mouse clicks you could reach thousands of prospective customers!

Friday, 11 March 2011

GooMad is 2 days old today

Well its day two since the launch and weve already had over 100 visitors and have 5 business registered in the directory.  The site will grow as users add more content so come visit the site...

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Goomad is go

GOO is GO!

We are officially launched today!  Come visit the site and have a look around and list your business in our free directory.

Friday, 18 February 2011

GooMad is ready to goo

Goo mad is prepared for take off and will hit your screen very soon.  Keep watching the goo!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Website is written

The GooMad website is almost complete and will be launching before the spring hopefully.  Should everything run smoothly it will be transferred to the new server and officially launched.  Goo!